Macfab 550

Macfab 550

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MacFab 550

• Produces a mill size bale (weight 550g)

• Ideal for large amounts of material

• Fully automated bale ejector : simplifies removal of bale.

• Retaining Claws to reduce spring back

• Five wire tying for a more secure bale


Model550 Low Height
Cycle time (sec)40
Machine weight1650kg
Machine size (h x w x d)3.217m X 2.115m X 1.200m
Power Supply380 - 400 V
Pressing forceup to 50 Ton
Noise level74 decibels
Bale size (h x w x d)1.200m X 1.500m X 0.769m
Bale weightUp to 550 kg