Herbold Granulator SM800/100 160KW

Herbold Granulator SM800/100 160KW

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Granulator SM

The rotors of the NEUE HERBOLD granulators of type SM are equipped with double diagonal cut technology. Both the rotating knives and the stator knives in the mill housing are at an angle to each other. This technique ensures a targeted cutting gap over the entire wide work surface and also ensures an effective cut. At the same time, the noise level is significantly reduced.

The rotor shaft, which is mounted on the outside and is separate from the grinding chamber, is accommodated in pillow block bearings. This ensures safe separation of the shredded material and prevents dust particles from escaping from the grinding chamber. Thanks to the unbreakable welded steel construction of the mill housing, it withstands the extraordinary loads in continuous operation. Optionally, the housing can also be lined with replaceable wear plates.

  • Crushing of massive lumps
  • Shredding of PA fibers
  • Crushing of rubber bales
  • Crushing of bulky parts
  • Crushing of thick-walled plates
  • Crushing of start-up chunks
  • Shredding of foil packs
  • Crushing of full profiles
  • Crushing of hollow bodies
  • Shredding of beverage crates, vegetable crates


ModelGranulator SM800/100 160KW