Bergmann Roto Compactor PS 8100

Bergmann Roto Compactor PS 8100

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Bergmann PS8100 Rotary bag Compactor

  •  Small area for waste management (for example city centre hotels and shops)No room for multiple bins
  •  General waste or dry recyclables with some contamination from food waste: the bag contains all the liquid
  •  Production lines and factories where waste needs to be compacted at the point it is generated: loading by hand, conveyor or chute is typical
  •  Apartment blocks where waste is disposed via chutes: the PS8100 can be loaded from a vertical chute
  •  As an alternative to a baler, particularly for plastics and shrinkwrap


ModelRoto Compactor PS 8100
Bag Capacity1000L
Machine dimensions (w x d x h)1210mm X 1605mm X 2800mm
Noise level76 dB
Machine weight860kg