Mil-tek EPS 1800

Mil-tek EPS 1800

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The EPS 1800 Polystyrene Compactor compacts and converts EPS

expanded polystyrene into revenue. The EPS 1800 compacts up to 70kg. of EPS6 per hour.

Many businesses such as electronics manufacturers, distributors, fishing and food processing industries use polystyrene for packaging goods and material.

Mil-tek EPS Compactors are the ideal solutions for compacting EPS6, the most commonly used form of polystyrene.

The EPS1800 Polystyrene Compactor breaks down and reforms EPS6 into a briquette which can be sold and recycled into plastic components such as electronic goods, toys and DVD cases.


ModelEPS 1800
Capacity<70 kg / hour
Block dimensionsH x W (mm) 270 x 270
Machine size (h x w x d)2400 x 1680 x 1120mm
Machine weight860kg
MaterialEPS6 (Expanded Polystyrene)
Power3 phase - 400 V