Mil-tek 509

Mil-tek 509

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The Mil-tek 509 HD "Heavy Duty" Baler is the perfect solution for dealing with

large volumes of cardboard and/or plastic, particularly when space is a premium.

Despite its small footprint, the 509HD can produce a bale of up to 400 kg.

The 509HD's extra wide door-opening makes it perfect for loading large boxes whole as well as other bulky material.

It has two powerful cylinders that apply constant pressure, resulting in dense and heavy bales.

Bales from a 509HD can be ejected automatically and loaded onto a standard pallet, allowing for simple storage and transportation


Bale weightPlastic <400kg / Cardboard <300kg
Bale size (h x w x d)875mm X 1250mm X 830mm
Machine size (h x w x d)2495mm X 1400mm X 1040mm
Machine weight925kg
Noise level<70 dB (A)
Pressing cycle20-30 sec