Dicom PAAL B600 Vertical Cardboard Baler


Dicom PAAL B600 Vertical Cardboard Baler

Myshall, Ireland


This mill size vertical baling press from Dicom Ltd is suitable for large businesses or users who produce large volumes of waste. All Dicom machinery are designed & manufactured to current safety standards. The B600 is CE marked. Available for sale or rent/hire, our machines are refurbished to the highest standards & include a full one-year warranty. To learn more, please visit & .


Pressing force50 tons
Cycle time40 - 50 seconds
Motor size5.5kW
Control voltage24v
Electrical supply16A 415V 3-phase with neutral and earth. Protection via Type "D" circuit breaker or motor rated fuses.
Bale size (w x h)1520mm x 1000mm
Bale weightUp to 600 kgs
Bale depth810mm
Bale ties4 x (wire or tape)
Machine size (h x w x d)1700mm x 3500 mm x 1235mm