Mil-tek EPS900 Polystyrene Compactor

Mil-tek EPS900 Polystyrene Compactor

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The EPS900 can compact expanded polystyrene foam for recycling or extra revenue purposes. This compactor is a suitable choice for businesses such as manufacturing and retail. Available for sale or rent/hire, any used machines that go out to our customers are refurbished to the highest standards & include a full one-year warranty. To learn more, please visit & .


CapacityUp to 15 kg per hour
Volume reductionMin. 40:1 measured on fruit or fish boxes
Block weight< 300 gram/litre (< 300 kg per m3)
Block dimensions137 mm x 137 mm
MaterialOnly EPS 6 Expanded Polystyrene
Density10-30 kg per m3 (10-30 gram/litre)
Door openingH: 510 mm - W: 860 mm - D: 460 mm
DimensionsHeight: 2180 mm Width: 1310 mm Depth: 785 mm
Motor amp. power1,8 kW 5,1 A 3 phase - 400 V
Weight290 kg
Noise level<70 dB (A)
ApprovalCE and AS/NZ 4024.1