Pakawaste Portakrush 500 Portable Compactor

Pakawaste Portakrush 500 Portable Compactor

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The Pakawaste Portakrush 500 portable compactor has a compaction ratio of between 4 and 6:1. It can handle up to 5.5 tons of material & has a cycle time of 50 seconds. This helps reduce waste collection/disposal costs & improves your waste management. The Portakrush 500 is the leading machine product from Pakawaste as it can handle many different types of material.


ModelPortakrush 500
Length x height3780 mm x 2210 mm
Loading height950 mm
Loading aperture h x w705 mm x 1210 mm
Ram depth1035 mm
Volume10.1 cu.m (13.2 cu.yd)
Operating pressure148 kg/ (2100 psi)
Motor rating5.5 kw (7.5 hp)
Power supply rating (415v 3phase)16 amp
Total weight2.5 tonnes (2.46 tons)